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A Sweet Dog Who Recently Lost Her Puppies Adopts 3 Newborn Kittens Who Urgently Needed Help

Animal rescuer Stacee Jones has taken care of more than 100 dogs and cats. She believed she had seen it all until one day, a few months ago, when she took in some animals separately who needed each other adjacent to the Jelly’s Place-sponsored shelter in San Pablo, California (United States).

Initially, the woman had been asked to assist a dog that had recently lost her puppies and had been left in the streets behind a garbage. Soon after, the rescue organization contacted her and asked if she, too, would be willing to care for three newborn kittens who had lost their mother.


Stacee made the decision to give it a go when the kittens returned home.

She stated to The Dodo:

“I took great care. I sat with a kitten and the mother dog next to me. I cautiously revealed the cat to him to gauge his reaction. I was concerned that she would snarl or have a bad reaction.


Nervous, Stacee merely held her breath while she waited to see how the dog would respond. To her surprising amazement, the dog promptly grabbed the first kitten and licked it.

Stacee presented the pup to the other two kittens after a little pause to ensure her comfort.


Stacee recalls that lovely time and continued:

She sat down and massaged them in her direction. She permitted them to nurse. She was a wonderful mother. She immediately understood what to do.

The rescuer was speechless as she watched the kittens being cared for and nursed by the dog with such affection; her shock was so intense that she began to cry; she could not believe what she was seeing.


Moving into a big pen made the cute new family much more at ease. For five weeks, the kitten’s mother, Keeper, took care of the cats.

said Stacee:

“This is so wonderful, I thought. I had never experienced anything like this directly. Everything fell into place very fast, as it should.”