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Dog Helps Sad And Rejected Baby Elephant, Now They Are Inseparable

There was once a period when things couldn’t have been much bleaker for this baby elephant who, shortly after being born, was rejected by his herd. Fortunately though, he’s found a new friend to help guide him through those dark times.

Ellie, as he’s now known, was rescued by Karen Trendler and the staff at Thula Thula Rhino Orphanage in South Africa. There, over months of intensive care to treat several health issues, his condition slowly and surely improved. But even as his body recovered, it soon became clear that his heart needed healing too.

That’s when Trendler decided to introduce him to the orphanage’s resident pet, a lively dog named Duma. With that playful new companion by his side, Ellie has begun to truly blossom.

The good folks at EarthTouch News recently caught up with Trendler to learn more about Ellie’s story, and see to see his remarkable friendship with Duma firsthand.