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Witnessing a rescue dog’s first voyage toward freedom from a depressing facility is nothing short of touching. They appear to know that they are finally safe as they move off to their forever home with their new owner.

These canines frequently express their gratitude with big smiles, bouncing tails, and a lot of energy. No matter how terrified they are, one look into their thankful eyes assures them that they have been saved and that brighter days are ahead.

Some dogs, like as Stanley, appear to be more appreciative than others. Stanley was a 6-month-old dog who was found living with his mother in an abandoned home. The terrified puppy was sent to a shelter in the hopes of finding a new home immediately.

The shelter contacted Sam Clarence, a volunteer dog walker with the Bull Breed Rescue in Christchurch, New Zealand, to foster Stanley for a few weeks while he was there.

Sam went to the shelter to meet Stanley, but the moment he saw him, he knew he wasn’t going to foster him. Instead, he knew right away that he was going to adopt him.

The two hit it off right away, and Sam took Stanley home with him. Stanley refused to let go of his new father on the journey, keeping a paw firmly on his arm. It was almost as if the sweet dog was saying, “I’ll never let you go.”
After returning home, it became clear that, while Stanley had formed a strong link with Sam, he had some worries that he would have to face in his new life. The first of which was getting out of the car, which took him over an hour.

He was fed, given a wash, and found his comfortable bed after he was out of the car and securely inside his new home. Stanley soon began to make himself at home, despite the fact that this “Velcro dog” needed to be as near to his new father as possible.

Stanley is now a very happy and self-assured dog. He and his father enjoy many outdoor activities, and he enjoys swimming in lakes and ponds. He does, however, enjoy cuddling and touching. Even when he’s resting, he has to keep one paw on his father.