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An Elephant Who Is Blind Receives Assistance From A Buddy Who Leads Him To Food

Elephants are clever and sympathetic animals, according to a video released on Instagram. Thousands of people have been moved by the elephant’s kind demeanor after seeing the video and being astonished by its nobility.

The elephant named Chana appears to be aware of his friend Ploy Thong’s wants, which is why he assists him.

After filming the cute scene at Elephant Nature Park, Lek Chailert, founder of Save Elephant Foundation, took it upon herself to upload the video.

Credit: Instagram / lek_chailert

In the video, Chana leads Ploy Thong to where the food is and assists him in getting some.

Credit: Instagram / lek_chailert

In the description of the video on Instagram, Lek wrote:

“Watch how Chana guides Ploy Thong, who is blind in both eyes, to the meal.”

Furthermore, he stated that elephants normally look after one another, but that he learns something new about their personalities and unconditional love every day.

Credit: Instagram / lek_chailert

Lek went on to say:

“It’s a lesson for all of us!” says the narrator.

Ploy Thong was rescued from a camp where he worked hauling people, according to the guy, who also claimed that despite his condition, he arrived at the enclosure.

Credit: Instagram / lek_chailert

The actions of these two wild creatures make us think about how we should behave as humans.

The video has received over 10,900 views and thousands of likes, with many people taking the time to leave comments.

Credit: Instagram / lek_chailert