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Cyclists See A Homeless Dog On The Road And Know It Will Go Home With Them

Ladislau Alcântara and Rosilene Jansen rode their bicycles outside to get some exercise in the middle of the quarantine in April of this year, not realizing that this trek would forever alter their lives.

They made the decision to end their tour early since it was too hot, and then unexpectedly, while traveling, they discovered a surprise. It concerned a tiny dog that was standing by himself in the middle of the road, appearing to be lost or maybe to have been abandoned.

When they drew closer, they saw that it was a brown dachshund that was severely underweight. It didn’t even try to flee; it only glared at them in need of assistance.


The Dodo was informed by Rosilene:

We found out that it had been abandoned, and because we had bread in our backpack, I walked up to him and handed him some, and he immediately ate it.


The stray dogs are common in the neighborhood, so the riders decided to inquire the locals about the dog.

Comment from Roselene

Since I didn’t want to leave it there and there were still more than 40 kilometers (25 miles) to travel to get home, I became desperate.


Ladislau took the dog and placed him inside his hydration pack before zipping it back up and taking him home. Although it was a difficult maneuver to execute, the riders were resolved to do anything they could to save the abandoned animal.


Ross also said

“It wasn’t simple. As I followed him on my bike, I kept an eye on his backpack to make sure the puppy didn’t slip out. Every kilometer felt eons long.

After a lengthy ride, they stopped to rest for a while. At that point, Ladislau turned around and smiled at Rosilene as he spoke.