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This Old Dog Walks Almost 7 Kilometers Every Day To Greet People

Bruno, an elderly dog that is probably 12 years old but does not look it, resides with Larry and Debbie LaVallee in Longville, Minnesota (United States). Bruno enjoys spending time with his family, but he also has many pals whom he must see on a daily basis.

Bruno has been saying hello to people on his four-mile trip into town for more than ten years. Bruno frequently visits the town hall, library, ice cream shop, and numerous offices and stores, where he is welcomed and given food by staff members.

When Bruno was merely a puppy, Larry adopted him after finding him abandoned. It turns out that a man who thought the dog belonged to the people who lived there and had been lost showed up at Larry’s house’s entry clutching it.

The young child, however, had nothing to do with Larry or his neighbors and was merely an abandoned dog. However, as soon as Larry saw it, he made the decision to keep it.

He makes so many daily visits to individuals that he has earned the title of “renowned dog” in the city and even has a Facebook page set up in his honor.

Residents of Longville are contributing to the safety of their “ambassador dog.” Some people even drive him home at the end of the day, particularly as he gets older.

When Bruno was a puppy, Larry tried everything to prevent him from escaping the house, but in the end, he decided to allow the animal to go on excursions. When the locals called Larry to say they had found his dog, Larry became accustomed to their confusion when he told them to let Bruno go because he could have just as easily returned home on his own.