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They Record A Tiny Puppy Offering His Back To His Friend To Walk Around The House

The Mia Foundation’s founder, Sue Rogers, received a call asking whether she could take in an abandoned young bird last summer, which is how this narrative got started.

This small bird’s nest was discovered by construction workers when they were building a parking lot ramp, and all signs suggested that its mother left after the nest was moved.

Sue anticipated that the little dove, whom she named Lovey, would only need to be with them for a short period of time while she mastered the skills of eating and flying.

The Mia Foundation – Love For Mia

But no matter how hard Sue tried to release Lovey back into nature, she was always discovered there a few hours later.

Sue brought Lovey back inside the house in the early autumn to keep her warm. Lovey appreciates the fact that she has complete freedom at home and is able to soar anywhere she pleases.

The Mia Foundation – Love For Mia

But until a puppy called Alfie showed up, she never expressed any interest in the other animals that were in the house.

The Mia Foundation – Love For Mia

“Alfie is just eight weeks old, yet he resembles a young puppy in size. He has a cleft palate, hydrocephalus, and perhaps a heart problem, and I’m 99 percent certain of both,” Sue added.

The Mia Foundation – Love For Mia

Alfie gained strength and adventure under Sue’s care, but at less than a pound, he is too little to play with any of the other dogs in the home.

The Mia Foundation – Love For Mia

“Alfie needed to start interacting with others, so I let him roam the home unsupervised all day. You must constantly exercise extreme caution and keep an eye on it, Sue continued.

Lovey liked Alfie right away. The two have a really particular relationship, and they even have a specific language and play style.

When I placed the puppy down, Lovey would instantly fly to him because she spends the day flying around the house. Given that it is the same color and almost the same size as her, she could believe it to be another bird. None of the other furry residents of the house engage with Lovey in such a way, Sue said.

The Mia Foundation – Love For Mia