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Stray Cat That Lived In A Dumpster For Six Months Is Finally Adopted

Meet this cute cat named Angus that used to be a stray. He has had a very tough life by living in a dumpster for six months.

Angus showed up at a man’s work and he decided to find a home for cat. Also, he called his wife to tell the story.

But finally, this family decided to adopt the cat.

Now Angus has a loving home.

“The day my husband text me about him to try to find a home for him, I went to pick him up. First, we took him to the vet to check for a microchip. When there was none, I spent several days checking lost pet signs, groups, and rescues. No one came forward so we tried to find a new home for him. But by that point, it was too late. He was ours. Now, he’s chipped, collared, and immunized. Angus is a rumpy riser manx cat. He’s always content and smiling. My dog and other cats have accepted him and he loves to go hunting in the large field behind our house with our other boy cat at night. We love having his sweet personality in our family and can’t imagine letting him go”, man’s wife has written to Bored Panda!

What a lovely and great family.