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Elephant Nudges Visitors For Her Keeper To Sing Her Baby A Song

An lovely moment occurred at Thailand’s Elephant Nature Park, which is situated in the province of Chiang Mai. Beautiful elephant Faa Mai pushed the tourists aside so that her caregiver, who was giving a tour at the moment, could sing a lullaby to her foster child.

This amazing event was captured on camera and uploaded on YouTube. As stated in the description:

“Faa Mai abruptly and visibly entered our conversation as I was greeting the tourists. I questioned her motives as she pushed me into the field while guiding me somewhere.


Faa Mai stays in the Elephant Nature Park, a facility for the rescue and rehabilitation of elephants. These enormous and magnificent animals have a second chance in this refuge.

Since Lek Chailert has been Faa Mai’s caregiver since she was born, they have a special attachment. She just followed Faa Mai with curiosity as she began to push her, as shown in the pictures. She is taken by the elephant, who wraps her trunk around her waist and carries her to the newborn.


It appears that when the infant was brought to the sanctuary, Faa Mai made the decision to adopt him and give him all of her love. She then thought to take Lek, who had always taken care of her, so that she could give the baby her whole attention.


Added Lek Chailert

“Finally, Faa Mai escorted me to visit the young child Thong Ae, whom she intends to adopt. In the end, it appears that Faa Mai wants me to lull her young pal to sleep since she enjoys doing it so much. It is very lovely to see my daughter, who has such a tender heart. I’m really happy for this young lady!


Amazingly, an animal and its caretaker may form a profound attachment. Faa Mai is unquestionably glad and delighted to have Lek, and he wants to give young Thong Ae some of the love he has experienced from her.