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Young Man Drives Towards The Hurricane To Rescue Animals In Need In His Path

Two dogs named Thelma and Hercules were trapped in the path of Hurricane Harvey in Texas until a young guy named Connor woke up on Thursday morning. Connor had no clue that he would soon rescue their lives. The 22-year-old college student was preparing to return to class after finishing his summer work when he saw his mother, a Lucky Lab Rescue and Adoption volunteer, anxiously going through the student’s social media posts. rescue facility.

Thelma and Hercules were in a Corpus Christi foster home that required evacuation. To keep the dogs safe, the rescue organization requested that a driver carry them north.

At that point, Connor made the decision to travel by car.

The Dodo was informed by Connor:

“I said, “Why not?” I then sprinted to my pickup.”

He proceeded to Corpus Christi from Austin. Connor drove toward her while thousands of cars sped away from the approaching storm.

Connor declared:

“I didn’t really think; all I knew was that they needed help,” the speaker said.

Although the young guy had never moved dogs before, Stephanie Broughton, Lucky Lab’s transportation manager in Texas, gave him the information he required.

Says Stephanie

“I instructed him to secure dog collars and carry each dog to the truck one at a time. Additionally, it was crucial to fasten each dog inside your truck so they couldn’t escape through an open door.”

Throughout the journey, Connor kept in touch with Stephanie and her mother. After a long day that continued into the night, he went to pick up the dogs from their various foster homes and transported them all to their new foster homes.

Says Stephanie

“Connor made a tremendous commitment by leaving everything behind and traveling four hours to a region that was likely to be affected by a hurricane. He is an admirable young guy who devoted his life in order to save some pets.