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The ‘Saddest Dog In The World’ Loses His Home Again, And Could Be Euthanized If No One Adopts Him Soon

Thousands of individuals from all over the world were attempting to adopt Lana, a shelter dog that had earned the moniker “saddest dog in the world,” not too long ago. A picture of a tearful Lana in her kennel went viral in October 2015. Lana was too depressed to even go on a walk after her new family returned her to the shelter.

Lana struggled every day to share food with her older siblings since she was the youngest of the litter when she was born in Mexico. For the chance to live in a genuine household, she was brought to Toronto, Canada.

Lana attempted to attack her new human mother as she was being fed one day, probably as a result of her recollections of being the youngest of the litter at the time.

Without giving Lana another opportunity, the family returned her to the shelter. The picture of Lana in the kennel looking really dejected was then snapped. Her entire world seemed to have fallen apart.

When news of Lana’s plight initially spread, individuals from all over the world wished to assist her. She attracted 4,000 adoption requests and more than $15,000 in contributions, according to Rescue Dogs Match.

Lana, who had been in a foster home and had been so depressed that she wouldn’t eat or go for a walk, at last found another “forever home” in January 2016.

We believed that Lana’s story had come to a happy conclusion and that this was the last we would hear of her.

On their Facebook page last week, Rescue Dogs Match shared the following:

Birthday of Lana is on May 14 (which will be on the 3rd). Please assist in finding him a permanent or foster home. The deadline for Lana is May 20.