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This Woman Is In Charge Of Caring For A Large Number Of Abandoned Dogs That Live In A Cemetery In The Philippines

About 150 stray dogs live in a cemetery in Manila, the Philippines, called Sarhento Mariano. The majority of them have sarcoptic mange, but they are not completely alone; this is where they live, and Ashley Fruno, the founder of the animal rescue organization Pasay Pups, has made their lives much more bearable.

Ashley told The Dodo, “When we initially came, it was kind of – I don’t even know how to explain it – like something out of a movie.” Or maybe just anything that comes from the devil.

Before the heat becomes intolerable, Ashley walks the dogs every weekend with the help of her group of volunteers. They always jump up and down and wag their tails when they greet Ashley.

This woman is in charge of giving all the dogs food, medical care, and of course, unconditional love. Many of these dogs have made progress in their recovery from mange as a result of her many days of sterilization and castration.

Ashley adds that there is relatively little dog ownership in the Philippines. “It’s possible that dogs only eat once a week. The majority of them are wild animals that roam freely in search of food.”

According to this woman, encouraging local children and youth to take care of abandoned dogs is the most practical solution.