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Neglected Husky Was Left All Alone For 5 Days And Was Found Tied With A Neck Wound

Meet this lovely husky named Carter. He used to live with 27-year-old Curtis Swan and 29-year-old Aaleyah Clay in Roselle, New Jersey, wrote Bored Panda.

One day they decided to change their house. But Popcorn Park Animal Refuge took a sad news about Carter.

Dog was found tied at the old house with a severe neck wound. What happened to him?

His owners move entire states and left Carter at their old house for 5 days. He was abandoned and needed a lot of treatments and medication.

Carter was found by a officer. Dog had an infection and wound because of being neglected and tied.

His owners told that they would come back but they didn’t.

He was recovering very fast after a lot of laser therapy treatments on his neck.

Now Carter is feeling better day by day.