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Shelter Dog Gets Sweetest Sendoff When He’s Finally Adopted After 6 Years

When Stevie was around a year old, he was found wandering and brought to Dogtown SA. He was friendly and affectionate with both people and other dogs right away. His new shelter companions believed he would soon find his forever home, but regrettably, that was not the case.

Stevie was passed over repeatedly for six years, and no one really truly understood why.


Elanza Kloppers, the adoptions manager at Dogtown SA, told The Dodo, “[It] was always a mystery to us.” “Stevie met several prospective homes, but for some reason, a different dog was always picked. Over the years, a lot of his housemates were adopted, so we never lost hope that Stevie would find a home as well. Being black didn’t help either because black canines are frequently neglected in shelters.

Although it took a while, Stevie and his rescuers never lost faith that his ideal family existed somewhere out there, and they were right.


“I could hardly wait to tell the team the news when I finally got the information from the adopter that Stevie was the one,” said Kloppers. They were ecstatic! It finally materialized for our son. For so long, we have all been wishing and praying. I quickly informed our volunteers as well, and they were shocked by the information. Everyone was filled with joy for Stevie. It was lovely to observe.

When someone finally determined that Stevie was the right dog for them, the team immediately started making plans to eventually adopt him into a permanent home. Since Stevie had been at the shelter for such a long period, everyone of the staff members had grown to care for him as though he were their own dog.

All of our adoptions are unique, but some are truly exceptional, according to Kloppers. “Over the years, there have been one or two adoptions that have truly stuck out, and we have always had a special farewell for those pets. Everyone on the squad wanted to wish him well and say goodbye to him.

Stevie was so happy as he moved along the row of his jubilant mates. He appeared to be aware that it was a significant day, and he was overjoyed that all of his friends had been there to bid him farewell. It truly was the nicest day Stevie had ever had.


Kloppers stated, “Stevie wagged his tail and said a particular goodbye to everyone. He has grown to love our team so much, and I believe he was overcome with joy to see all of his favorite people supporting and wishing him luck. For all of us, it was a really emotional day. Stevie entered the car with his usual wiggle bum, as if he was aware that his day had finally arrived. He climbed into the car with great joy, warm in his favorite jacket and surrounded by his favorite people.