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Homeless Dog Tracks Down The Workplace Of The Guy Who Was Nice To Her

While hanging out with some pals on the beach in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, Mohd Ridhuan came upon a pack of stray dogs. He knew he had to assist animals since he had always felt empathy for them. When a dog he met on the street tracked down his office and waited for him, he was taken aback.

Mohd began going to the beach on a regular basis to feed the four dogs who were eagerly awaiting his arrival, particularly a cute brown and white dog named Sally.

“I wanted to go near to them and took a chance that they might pursue me.” They didn’t, which was surprising. When they spotted me, their tails waggled.”


When the young guy couldn’t go to the beach, he was astonished to find Sally standing outside the store where he works, refusing to leave until she had spent time with him. Sally now considers the store her home and spends as much time as she can with Mohd.


When Mohd’s job finishes and he needs to return home, he notices that Sally is upset.

He continued, ”

“Every time I get home, she makes a sorrowful look. She is clingy, happy, and guardian.”

The young guy believes that the dog is safer there than on the shore, and he typically chats to Sally to keep her from leaving, and she appears to pay attention to him.


Mohd explains:

“If I’m not here, go [to the restaurant] and don’t play on the road,” I advise him. She either pays attention to me or sleeps in the tent while I’m away.”