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Man Adores Napping On The Couch With All The Neighbor Dogs

Catey Hall’s dad adores napping a lot on the couch. But he isn’t all alone.

There are dogs from around the neighborhood that join him. Can you imagine how cute this might be?

“Dad sees, plays with and naps with one or more of these dogs on a daily basis,” Hall told The Dodo. “They come running when they see his car and follow him inside.”

Man named Lon Watson adores dogs.

He works with the local rescue Pound on the Hill.

“For as long as I can remember, my dad has rescued stray dogs,” Hall said. “Growing up, we always had a dog. But there was always room for a stray in need. Now that he lives alone with his wife, there’s room for several. They work with rescues in the area to find homes for the dogs in need; however, not all of them are re-homed, and they stay with dad forever.”

Now they have 4 dogs at home and this is so incredible.

Lon Watson is so much into dogs and loves them all.