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Dog Finally Catches His Tail And Has No Idea What To Do Next

Meet Levi, an endearingly driven puppy who, after years of attempting and failing, has finally realized a profound yearning that may evade some puppies for a lifetime.

Success, on the other hand, appears to have brought him sentiments he wasn’t anticipating.


Levi, like many other dogs with a watchful nature, was quick to discover that he was always being followed. Indeed, there was always something following him — wriggling, wagging, mocking, tantalizing — but it was always beyond his reach.

Of course, that’s his tail.

Levi had made a practice of attempting, but failing, to capture that errant appendage. When he moved in to pounce, the tail would always dart away at that same instant, as if it had been tipped off to his intention. Despite all of his fruitless attempts, Levi persisted in attempting.

Then, on a pivotal day, his perseverance paid off. He had finally caught up with his pursuers.


Tyson Lee Jones, Levi’s owner, was present to see his dog’s long-awaited triumph.

“He was ecstatic. He was in this position for at least a minute “Jones told The Dodo about it. “He just stared at me for a long time. ‘Take a look at me, Dad!'”

Levi had right to be proud because it was perhaps his finest achievement to date. But suddenly, as he sat clutching his furry treasure, a strange existential emotion started to engulf him. Was it possible that he had reached his peak too soon? Was it all going to be a downward slope from here?

Levi had been working for this moment for a long time, and now there appeared to be only one thing left for him to do to keep his sanity: he released his tail free magnanimously.

“He kind of gazed at it for a few more seconds after he released go,” Jones explained, “and then sprang off the sofa on to his next adventure.”