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They Rescue A Puppy Trapped In A Frozen Lake And Discover That It Was Not The Dog They Thought

Despite the numerous reports of animal instances that end in tragedy, there are also good people who restore our confidence in mankind.

As happened to several heroes working on the Sindi dam in Estonia, near the Pärnu river.

Rando Kartsepp, Robin Sillamäe, and Erki Väli witnessed a “dog” caught in the ice battling for its life.

They did not waste any time in rushing to the aid of the terrified animal, cutting a passage and shattering all of the ice that was covering the unfortunate animal’s limbs.

Fortunately, the small child was so desperate to live and continue fighting that, when the soldiers moved the ice, he attempted to swim towards the beach in the hopes of being rescued.

After all of their efforts, they were able to save him.

However, because he was so near to them, they glanced at him, and something odd about his demeanor made them wonder that he was a dog.

But it didn’t stop them from rushing him to the Terveks Clinic in Pärnu so he could be treated as soon as possible.

The vets had the same reservations, and it was only after calling a hunter that he confirmed their suspicions:

“The lucky hairy one was a male wolf that was just around a year old.”

It was there that the guys discovered the actual extent of the massive rescue operation in which they were playing a key role.

“He slept on my lap the entire way to the clinic.” Rando Kartsepp said, “He just raised his head for a second when I tried to stretch them.”

They then alerted the Estonian Animal Protection Union of the discovery, which promptly rushed to the clinic and promised to cover all medical costs in order to save the small wild wolf’s life.

They observed that his blood pressure was extremely low after rescuing him and warming him up when they examined him. This would explain his gentle disposition.

They couldn’t believe the cute hairy creature they were carrying on their legs was a wolf.

Meanwhile, the Estonian Animal Protection Union tweeted about the massive rescue on Facebook, garnering hundreds of comments.

“Few individuals get the opportunity to meet a wolf in their lifetime. But it’s far more amazing that you’re able to assist him and set him free “On Facebook, one user expressed his or her dissatisfaction with the situation.

To everyone’s astonishment, the wolf healed amazingly well over the course of the day and was released back into the wild after being fitted with a GPS collar by experts from the national environmental agency.

Minutes before being returned to nature