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The Happiest Dog Of All Is One That Is Missing A Part Of Its Brain

An lovely Australian Shepherd named Moose was spotted in a pet store by Jennifer Osborne from Ohio, who was looking for someone to adopt her. This woman supports the adoption of dogs of any breed, but when she first saw Moose, she was most concerned that someone may leave him behind due to his unusual look and missing portion of his brain.

The woman and her husband fell head over heels for the canine.

He has a crooked nose, an underbite, and eye issues including “cherry eye,” among other things, but he is incredibly nice to everyone, which is mostly why he has won her heart.

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Jennifer thinks that the reason Moose has had health issues since he was 6 months old is because his nose pressed into his skull when he was still in the womb.

In addition to experiencing seasonal allergies, Moose started having seizures in 2018 that impacted both his body and brain and left him trembling and frothing at the mouth.

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Since then, the dog has been on medication to control the seizures.

IG: mooseboy16

Jennifer said as quoted by UNILAD:

Shortly after we adopted Moose, an MRI revealed that he was missing sections of his brain, most notably the region that aids with his sense of smell, and had a cyst in the area of his brain where the abnormality lies.

IG: mooseboy16

His frontal lobe is also crushed, and the convulsions might become more severe. Her neurosurgeon is certain that this won’t shorten her life, though.

Due to his illness, Moose now has charming and unusual features, including eyes that are various colors, much like the British singer-songwriter David Bowie.

IG: mooseboy16