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For The Past Five Years, A Wild Fish Has Visited A woman Almost Every Day

While standing on her dock, Holly Jorgensen noticed a sunfish in the water. He looked to be protecting his nest, which she had previously observed. It wasn’t odd behavior until he began to observe her.

Jorgensen explained, “The males are known for defending their nests, but there was something about the way he looked at me.” “After he finished defending his nest, he followed me around and let me pet him.”


The sunfish seemed to like Jorgensen a lot, which was a little weird. Greenie was his name, and she worried if she’d ever see him again.

Greenie, as it turned out, returned again and again — and every single day after that.

“It seemed incredible that he recognized me until I heard about a university research that showed fish can identify a human face among 44 others and remember it for six months,” Jorgensen added.


Jorgensen worried if she’d see Greenie again after things thawed out over the first winter, but as soon as spring arrived, he was back at the pier, waiting for his new best friend.

For the past five years, Jorgensen and Greenie have been friends. Greenie may occasionally bring a buddy along, but they never seem to return as frequently as Greenie.


Greenie has been petted by Jorgensen over the years, and he occasionally offers him healthy foods. He even gets food from addiction by jumping out of the water to get his benefits. Greenie apparently loves Jorgensen as much as she does, and if he can avoid her, he will never miss one of their visits.

Jorgensen added, “He constantly looks at me in a certain way.”

Greenie once swam up to Jorgensen with a hook in his mouth, much to her anger. She was able to gently take it from him while carrying him, and he seemed to be OK after that. Their relationship becomes stronger for each passing day, and Greenie appears to understand that Jorgensen will always do everything she can to keep him safe.

Greenie will occasionally accompany Jorgensen to the lake for a swim, and people are often perplexed when they see the two together.


“One day I swam to the other end of the lake and was telling some young men about Greenie when one of them asked, ‘Is that him?’ It was,” Jorgensen said. “He had followed me there, and the guys could tell he was attached to me. They were amazed, as everyone is when they see him.”

Greenie and Jorgensen have a very special, almost unexplainable friendship. It doesn’t need to be explained though. The pair know what they mean to each other, and Jorgensen hopes that she and Greenie will be best friends for many years to come.