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Store Workers Find Two Old Dogs Abandoned In Bathroom

Two senior dogs were left in the restroom at a Petco location in Allen Park, Michigan. According to The Dodo, the manager was suspicious of a couple who was seen pacing the store with two dogs that had no collar on them.

Posted by Jilie Sly on Facebook:

“The dogs had no collars, so Rachel, the manager, went up to them. The pair claimed to have left the collars at home and that they just wanted to pick up a few items before making their way to the back of the store, where the dog food is located.”

Carol Lair

When the couple departed, the staff heard cries coming from the restroom as they prepared to close the shop. They hurried over to investigate and discovered the two elderly dogs hiding inside, terrified and alone.

The manager attempted to take them to a rescue facility, but there was no room, so she made a Facebook appeal for assistance.

Fortunately, Carol Lair from POET Animal Rescue read the message and got in touch with her to offer assistance.

Roald said:

“I was very astounded by this scenario involving the elder canines. They are discarded when people grow weary of them.

Carol Lair

On Sunday morning as Carol was driving to Petco, she observed that the puppies were terrified, trembling, and refusing to be separated. The largest of the two dogs climbed into her lap as she assisted them into the rear of her car.

She uttered:

She first began rocking the seat back and forth before adjusting the window. It was amusing in a way.

The dogs, who were given the names Marigold and Daffodil, are currently under the care of a foster household.

Even while they don’t exhibit evidence of abuse, that doesn’t always imply that their lives have been simple.

Roald said:

“It appears that they have been forced to reproduce repeatedly. They appear to have utilized them often.

Carol Lair

Despite their elderly age, each have demonstrated to their rescuers that they still have a lot to contribute. Although they are incredibly lively, they sometimes find it difficult to socialize with new individuals.

Roald said:

“They enjoy being among others, but it takes them some time to unwind. When they first meet someone, they are standing there with trembling backs. It makes me so sad. They have experienced a lot. Even the whole extent of their cargo is unknown to us.”

Before starting the hunt for a permanent home where they may experience the love they deserve, they will be sterilized and given their shots.

Roald said:

“Right now, all we do is feed, clothe, and protect them.”

Carol Lair