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Meet Stevie, A Blind Dog Chained For 8 Years That Is Looking To Get Adopted

Meet Stevie, a cute dog that was rescued after being in chains for 8 years. He has had such a tough life and a very sad story.

But he never gave up.

He was rescued by Lancaster County SPCA. Also Diamonds in the Ruff wanted Stevie to be part of their rescue family.

Stevie is a blind dog. Also, he had fleas and worms. He was dealing with health issues. His fur was missing as well.

Dog had an undergo surgery and now is feeling very well. His foster family is so happy about him and very patient with him.

“He slept most of the way [home], but would start growling and barking every so often in his crate,” Erin Boyd, Stevie’s foster mom, told The Dodo. “We knew he was just protecting himself. When we got home, we brought the crate inside, and he would not come out. We were extra careful, knowing he could not see and us not knowing him yet.”

Now Stevie is healthy and loves his new life. Also, he loves to jump and to play around.

“He jumps, will sometimes chew on a toy a little bit and then passes out,” Boyd said.

Now he is looking for a forever home and we hope he gets adopted really soon.