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The Discovery Of A Mysterious Duck Dressed In Socks And A Crucifix Causes Outrage

Rarely do rescues occur that are as odd as the one that is detailed below. It all began when a group of animal brigades stumbled upon a duck clothed in an unusual manner at Praia da Macumba, Brazil, in the City of Rio.

These rescuers shocked when they saw the bird wearing socks as well as a holy cross around its neck. Many people outfit their animals to protect them from bad weather.

The duckling exhibited no symptoms of abuse, but its look left much to be desired. It was evaluated and treated by a team from the Municipal Health Secretariat’s Undersecretariat for Sanitary Surveillance and Zoonosis Control.

The socks and the sacred object were knotted to prevent the mysterious duckling from wandering on the sand, claim the agents of the Zoonosis Control Center (CCZ), explaining why it was clothed in this manner.

However, many of Internet users have dared to provide their own theories after making what occurred public and have expressed their shock at the case:

A user on the internet posed the hypothetical question, “What if that duck is a priest who was turned into an animal? And he only maintained the crucifix and the shoes since the rest of his garments were huge and came off when he walked?

Similarly, many Internet users consider that what happened does reflect improper treatment towards the duckling because they dressed him against his will and nature, even though the authorities state that he did not display any damage to his body.

Another user of the internet said, “It is not conceivable for a human with a healthy conscience to conduct such wickedness. When I witness such evil, I assume that whomever did it is a nasty entity, possibly not of this earth.”

The Secretariat for Sanitary Surveillance and Zoonosis Control asks that notices of animals abandoned to their destiny be sent through Central Service Channel 1746 in this respect.

Visit their website, dial 1746 from any phone, or use the 1746 Rio app to report a case.