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Hundreds Of Unwanted Dogs In Costa Rica Have Been Taken In By This Woman

Lya Battle entered Diego’s life to give her a second chance. Since that time, she has saved hundreds of dogs who, like Diego, have been abandoned. It all began with a beautiful 15-year-old Schnauzer named Diego who was abandoned in a shelter in Costa Rica several years ago. He was very sick and old, and his body had been overtaken by tumors.

When Lya learned about Diego’s tale, she was purchasing croquettes for her pets at the animal shelter.

When Lya discovered that they were going to put him to death rather than sterilize him, she made the decision to take Diego with her.

Says Lya

They said, “No, he’s sick and elderly. And I said to him, “It doesn’t matter whether he survives for a week; as long as he dies, at least he has a place to call home.”

Lya had had a number of rescue dogs in her care at this point, but Diego was the first to have a unique issue.

Says Lya

“I honestly believed he would pass away within a week, yet he stayed on and continued to be our loveliest kid for another four years. At least 19 or 20 years old, he was.

Not just Diego needs assistance; many dogs in Costa Rica are in need of rescue. Many of these dogs are living on the streets, and many pet owners lack the knowledge necessary to properly care for their animals.