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This Dog Saved The Life Of His Human In A Terrible Fire Protecting Her With His Body

During a fire that broke out in Port Richmond, Philadelphia, this courageous dog helped to save the life of his owner. Che laid on top of her, who was at that point completely unconscious, and used her own body to protect her from the flames in addition to barking loudly to attract the notice of the neighbors.

When neighbors noticed a lot of smoke pouring from the house, they didn’t think twice to dial 911. Che was then brought to the CARES veterinary service facility where they were able to stabilize him after he too passed out from smoke inhalation. The canine is steady.

The desperately needed medical attention was given to Andrea Bulat, Che’s human, there in order to preserve her life.

“If the dog hadn’t been there, she would be dead.”

The incident has greatly shocked Andrea Bulat’s neighbors, who are likewise certain that Che is a hero since without him, she would not be alive today.

Andrea Bulat’s neighbor, Thomas Leszcewicz, stated:

“I think it’s wonderful since I’ve always heard tales of animals saving their people,” the speaker said.

I’d never experienced one. I’ve now experienced one. I have personally witnessed it. It’s a lovely thing.

To emphasize the significance of having a smoke detector in our homes, Red Paw Emergency Relief Team sent the following message to all news viewers:

Please contact Philly311 if you reside in the City of Philadelphia and your home does not have smoke detectors. You can contact your neighborhood American Red Cross if you reside elsewhere than Philadelphia. Detectors for smoke save lives!