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Nice Dog Sniffs Out Someone Who Needed His Help In The Snow

Banjo is a 9-month-old German Pointer that lives in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada with his father. This nice dog has a fantastic sense of smell, and they never believed it would help them save another person’s life.

While Banjo and his father, Kerry, were cross-country skiing near their home a few days earlier, the observant dog began to sniff for a peculiar fragrance. Kerry sensed something hiding in the woods as she approached them. He got a bit closer to get a better look, when out of the snow sprang a fluffy golden head.

FB/ Julia Neufeldt

The guy could see that the dog had excavated a snow tunnel in which he had been sleeping for the days he had asked. Kerry recalls the animal being terrified and only allowing Banjo to go near to it at first.

FB/ Julia Neufeldt

Jerry phoned local animal control after being unable to approach the terrified animal, and they were able to reach the dog’s heartbroken family.

Kerry explains:

“He only started moving when I placed his owner on speakerphone. With some snacks, I was able to lure him out of the trees, but he still wouldn’t let me get that near.”

FB/ Julia Neufeldt

The dog had gone missing from the dog park a few days before, and the region had been buried in snow, making it impossible to discover the canine called Louie at first.

When Louie’s mother received word that her dog had been discovered, she was with a search party. She sprinted for more half an hour through snow up to her knees, and the dread on her face vanished as soon as Louie spotted her.

FB/ Julia Neufeldt

Kerry was very moved by this touching reunion. He recognized the emotion from a previous comparable encounter with his dog.

The guy continued:

“I choked back a few tears when Banjo was kidnapped in August because I know how it feels! There were a lot of Louie’s buddies there, as well as Julia’s joyous giggles and tears, a wavy bum, and a very delighted and hungry Louie! It was delightful.”

FB/ Julia Neufeldt

Louie has been reunited with his family, and they will be able to enjoy and thank each other during these holiday times, thanks to this nice dog and his outstanding sense of smell.

Kerry continued, ”

“In the car, they had some food for him. And to celebrate, I gave Julia some additional sweets as well as a beer.”

FB/ Julia Neufeldt