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This Little Elephant Shrew Was Rediscovered In Africa After Many Years

Meet this adorable little baby that was found all alone. He lives in Djibouti, a country in the Horn of Africa.

He got saved by a group of scientists.

The scientists got so curious of mysterious sightings in Djibouti, so they decided to go there and see for themselves.

“We did not know which species occurred in Djibouti and when we saw the diagnostic feature of a little tufted tail, we looked at each other and we knew that it was something special,” Steven Heritage, a research scientist at the Duke University Lemur Center, told BBC.

Some people living in Djibouti didn’t know about these sengis to be missing.

For more information, it is said that there are 20 species of elephant shrews in the world.

As you can see, this adorable little baby is so cute but weird at the same time.