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Tango Steinke noticed he had extremely noisy neighbors when he moved into his house in Virginia. Doc and Dottie, a pair of ravens he named, nested right behind his house and claimed the area around it.

Steinke made the greatest effort she could to become friends with the raven pair.

“They’d appear up out of nowhere, and I’d toss peanuts at them,” Steinke recalled. “Since it was already feeding the other birds and squirrels, it seemed reasonable to expand the food to the crows.”

When the winter arrived, food became limited, and Doc and Dottie began to see her on a daily basis. “They wouldn’t come close me,” Steinke explained, “but they were going to eat the peanuts once I got in.” “They got increasingly talkative during the course of the first month of regular visits.” They’d squawk at my bedroom window on weekends until I went up to feed them.”

The ravens would occasionally invite their pals to share the feast with them. On his third-story balcony, Steinke created a little perch for the ravens.

@tangobird They couldn’t carry it all themselves #corvid #crow #crowtok #birdwatchinggoesbothways #bird #crowfriends #fyp #foryou #crowvid #crowtiktok ♬ original sound – Tango

The ravens chose to express their thanks for helping them get through the winter.

Steinke then discovered a weathered gray pebble on the hanger.

@tangobird Crows are amazing. #crowtiktok #corvid #crow #crowtok #birdwatchinggoesbothways #freemoney #fyp #foryou #birdtok #crowtok ♬ original sound – Tango

“I went out to feed them, and when I saw that, I hurried to my camera so I could show everyone,” Steinke explained. “Since then, they’ve left a variety of presents, including a button, acorns, metal shards, a shattered marble, ceramic remnants, and pop rings.”

“I usually discover anything from them in the feed around once a month,” he continued.