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Puppy Has People Falling In Love With His Adorably Unique Look

Obviously, each dog is unique, and each one has its own unique manner of falling in love. But there’s something special about this small dog named Lucky, and it might be because of his unusual look, which makes him stick out from the crowd.

Lucky is two years old and lives in Thailand with Charice Fca Cha, who adopted him lately, but he has already established himself as a little celebrity. When they walk outside, Lucky is the center of attention.

People respond differently to seeing him, according to Charice, but everyone wants to meet him.

Charice Fca Cha

She said:

“I discovered a wide range of responses. Some were taken aback. Some folks were really enthusiastic. While some were shocked to meet Lucky, others were not.

Charice Fca Cha

It’s not difficult to see why.

Charice Fca Cha

Lucky was born with heterochromia, a disorder in which the coloring of each eye differs. Lucky has one pale blue eye and one brown eye, but that’s not all he’s going through.

A dark, arched region over the puppy’s blue eye resembles a huge, comical eyebrow.

Although Lucky is genuine, a tiny number of individuals have had difficulty accepting it after Charice uploaded his portrait on social media.

Charice Fca Cha

charice explained:

“Some people believe I drew her brow with a permanent marker or Photoshopped her face.”

Although Lucky appears to be in poor condition, he is in good health. He was a little underweight when Charice got him, but she is providing him with a healthy food to help him gain weight.

Charice Fca Cha

Lucky is aware that he has met the perfect partner who adores him on the inside and out. He is so close to her adoptive mother that he follows her around everywhere.

Lucky’s enormous heart and relationship with Charice, who looks forward to many happy years with him, make him even more unique.

Charice Fca Cha