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Tarra and Bella, An Elephant And A Homeless Dog Who Were Best Friends, Tell Their Story

Tarra, an elephant mother at a 2,000-acre elephant sanctuary in Nashville, Tennessee, once again proved the animal world’s sensitivity by mourning the death of her best companion, a stray white dog named Bella.

This couple of pals used to enjoy a fantastic time together, eating, drinking, playing, and even sleeping together. Bella wandered the temple grounds, greeting everyone with a smile.

Credit: The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee

Tarra, on the other hand, was covered in blood, indicating that she attempted to transport her friend’s body home after the attack.

Steve Smith, an elephant breeder, said:

‘When I looked around and saw no evidence of an attack, I was relieved. There was no blood, no tufts of hair, nothing, save for blood on Tarra’s lower trunk, as if she had picked up the body.

Credit: The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee

The sanctuary’s CEO, Rob Atkinson, said:

“It’s terrible, but inspirational, because she couldn’t leave that corpse and carry it back home.”

Rob Atkinson, CEO of the sanctuary said:

“The idea that she couldn’t leave that body and bring it back home is just heartbreaking, but very inspiring.”

Credit: The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee

Bella developed such a close relationship with this elephant that she could tell when she was in pain.

Elephant is heartbroken about the loss of his dearest friend.
Bella once had a major spinal cord injury and had to spend three weeks in rehabilitation. Tarra waited for her outside the home during this period, anxious to see her.

Credit: The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee

Tarra’s sadness grew as a result of Bella’s death, and her relationship with this duo had clearly touched the hearts of many others.

Rob stated:

Certainly, his entire manner had shifted. She grew more reserved, quieter, and melancholy as a result of this.

Credit: The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee

Steve added:

We won’t be able to relieve Tarra’s suffering. Other elephant pals are the only thing that can assist her. The elephants also assist them in locating plenty food to alleviate their discomfort. They are one huge family as a bunch of animals and will go out of their way to support each other throughout the storm. Many staff employees notice Tarra standing in front of the grave, paying homage to friends who have died, after Bella has left.