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Woman Saves Fox She Finds Barely Alive On Side Of The Road

This is a story of a young fox that was hit by a car and left for dead on the side of the road. But the wild fox nicknamed Tammy had an amazing will to survive and she did thanks to the kindhearted people who gave their time and resources to help nurse her back to health.

It began when a woman named Jennifer saw a fox lying beside a busy road in Ontario, Canada. Realizing the fox was gravely injured, she put the injured fox into a box and considered whether or not to put the poor animal out of her misery.

Instead, she contacted Woodlands Wildlife Sanctuary to see if they could help and volunteers rushed to get her and bring her to their facility.

When Tammy arrived, she was barely breathing. The group contacted Dr. Sherri Cox for help and she came and hooked Tammy up to an IV and treated her traumatic head wound. They all prayed and hoped for a miracle…and the miracle happened!

The Canadian wildlife sanctuary says they plan on releasing Tammy back into the wild when she has fully recovered. I’m so glad Tammy survived!