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Woman Adopts A Senior Dog Then Realizes It’s Her First Best Friend

Nicole Renae often felt lonely as a youngster because she was an only child. When she reached ten, though, everything changed. Nicole’s grandma presented her with a lovely gray dog called Chloe for her birthday that year.

They were inseparable from the beginning.

Nicole told The Dodo, “I simply adored her to death.” “She was one of my closest friends.”


Nicole and Chloe’s closeness became deeper during the following four years of their relationship. Nicole could offer every ounce of love she had, and the small puppy would return it tenfold.

Nicole remarked, “She was such a nice dog.” “If you didn’t stop her, she’d lick your face forever.”


Nicole and Chloe’s time together, however, was cut short.


Nicole’s father obtained a new job working from home when she was 14 years old, but it came with a terrible catch. The place needs to be like an office, with no external noises.

“We weren’t allowed to have any pets, he was informed. Chloe was a screamer “Nicole said. “We didn’t have a choice. I was only a child, so I didn’t have much of a say in the matter. It was a painful experience. I didn’t want to give up my pet.”

Nicole and her family had no choice but to surrender Chloe to their local humane organization. They were hopeful that the dog would find a new home with someone who loved her, but it was still difficult to say goodbye.


Nicole explained, “I just felt ill and terrible about it.” “I had given up hope of ever seeing or hearing from her.”

Nicole’s heart never left Chloe, even though she was no longer in her life: “I kept thinking about her as the years passed. I tried calling the humane organization to find out what had happened to her, but they were unable to provide any information. As a result, I had no idea.”

Nicole grew up, married, and had a kid of her own, but there was still something missing.


Nicole wanted to offer her daughter the same joy that having a dog had provided her as a child. She had considered adopting a puppy until she came across a Facebook post about an elderly dog in need of a new home.

“‘That dog seems kind of familiar,’ I thought when I viewed the photo of the dog. Then I noticed the name: Chloe. My former dog had the same spelling as me “Nicole recalled something. “I couldn’t believe it was such a coincidence.”

Nicole then chose to adopt the puppy herself, oblivious to the fact that the two had already become acquainted.


Nicole had an uneasy sensation when she first met her “new” puppy.

She recalled, “She simply went up to me and started licking my face.” “As the day progressed, all of these features became more and more reminiscent of my former dog.”

Chloe seemed to know right away that her adoptive was an old friend, and Nicole was quickly convinced as well.

“She didn’t stop hugging me. I was in tears because it reminded me so much of Chloe “Nicole said. “I never expected to see my dog again, but I simply knew it was her in my heart.”


Nicole hadn’t seen Chloe in eight years, so it’s understandable that the idea that this was the same dog sounded wishful thinking.

Nicole explained, “My entire family thought I was insane.” “Everyone assumed I was insane.”

Nicole’s mother, on the other hand, understood that they could put the hypothesis to the test. Their Chloe had been microchipped when she was a puppy, so she phoned their previous veterinarian to obtain her ID number. After that, it went over to another veterinarian to have Chloe scanned. She, too, was equipped with a microchip, and lo and behold:

“The numbers matched perfectly. It was her who had done it “Nicole said. “I was overjoyed, as if I’d won the jackpot. It was the most wonderful sensation. I had given up hope of ever seeing her again.”


Nicole eventually found out that Chloe had been adopted by an older couple not long after she had been surrendered. Before they died, she had spent many happy years with them. Another family tried to adopt the dog, but they were unable to retain her.

Chloe was finally home, reunited with her first best friend.


Chloe is now 11 years old, yet she is still as healthy and active as Nicole recalls. In some ways, the reunion of these two long-lost pals has brought them back to their childhood.

“I’m overjoyed to see her again. I look forward to seeing her every day when I get home from work “Nicole remarked. “This is just the finest.”