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This Man Cares For Animals On The Border With Ukraine So Refugees Don’t Have To Give Up Their Beloved Pets

The Plantig Peace foundation was started by Aaron Jackson. Because of his capacity to be in the right place at the right time, this young guy rushed on a plane as soon as he learned that volunteers were required to assist thousands of migrants at the Polish-Ukrainian border.

Aaron stated to The Dodo:

“When it all started two weeks ago, I was essentially reading news articles and watching TV video. About two hours after reading a story about migrants staying in a train station and how chilly it was, I purchased a plane ticket and left that same day.


Aaron purchased a plane ticket after reading about Ukrainian migrants camped out in a train station near the Polish border.

The boy uttered:

“I seen the terrible price of war there. Leaving their homes, families. separating families from their loved ones. Families escaping their familiar life. All of this in temps below zero.


Aaron continued:

“Housing has become exceedingly hard to get since two million people have left Ukraine, the majority of whom cross into Poland. With limited room and places that don’t accept animals, it becomes even more difficult if you have a dog or cat.


Numerous people are being instructed to leave their dogs and cats behind in order to cross the border, forcing thousands of people to decide between being safe or staying with their cherished pet.

However, Aaron and other volunteers at the border are providing temporary housing for animals so that their owners may reach safety.

A volunteer makes sure:

“Seeing families continue to care for their dogs is so gratifying. The most heartbreaking thing is leaving a battle but sticking by your dog.


Planting Peace also donates pet food and carriers to significant refugee facilities that have been set up along the border, in addition to helping people find secure accommodation.

After all they go through to reach the border, Aaron wants people and their dogs to have wholesome food ready for them.

The boy uttered:

“There are these families that have walked 50 of the 100 or 200 kilometres to the border while carrying a dog on their back. So I surely won’t be the one to tell someone they have to get go of their dog in order to get accommodation if they are prepared to do it for their dog.