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Unlikely ‘Mom’ Watches Over Duck Egg Until He Safely Hatches

Laurie Wolf was relaxing in her backyard one early March day, looking out over the several birdhouses (also known as nesting boxes) she and her family had erected, when she spotted a mother wood duck transferring one of her eggs from one box to another.

“Something had looted the crate she grabbed it from,” Wolf told The Dodo.

Wolf assumed the mother had stolen her egg and placed it in another box, but he couldn’t tell which one. She didn’t give it much thought, but she hoped the egg was secure. The entire incident slipped from her mind until approximately a month later, when she witnessed the oddest and cutest sight emerge from one of her windows.


Wolf was aware that an owl had moved into one of the boxes the day after she witnessed the mother duck relocate her egg, but it never occurred to her that the owl and egg may have been in the same box – until two unexpected buddies peeked their heads out of the box together.

“Around 4 p.m. that day, I saw something furry escape from the hole of this specific box, so I not only assumed we had a newborn owlet but also kept an eye on the box for the following two hours, when suddenly the owl and duckling emerged together in the doorway,” Wolf explained.