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The Touching Moment A Chimpanzee Is Reunited With His ‘Adoptive Parents’

Cute chimpanzee Limbani quickly gained the affection of the entire family at the Zoological Wildlife Foundation in Miami, Florida. Limbani needed special care from the charity because he was born with illness.

Limbani’s character is another illustration of how chimpanzees, not humans, are the most intellectual ape. She runs a rapidly growing Instagram account where she posts pictures of the monkey performing various stunts and even getting along with pups or young large cat cubs.

But one video in particular, which depicts the touching moment the chimpanzee is reunited with people who looked after him during his vulnerable first days of existence, managed to go viral in a couple of hours.

Limbani, who was abandoned by his mother, was given complete medical attention by Jorge and Tania. They were in charge of giving the small kid the affection he required at such crucial periods for his health, as well as his medication at the appointed times.

Limbani returned to the foundation after he had regained his strength, and since then, his adoptive parents have sometimes paid him visits. The emotional moment when Limbani is overjoyed to see Jorge and Tania come on one of these trips was recorded on tape.

When the chimpanzee heard Jorge’s voice, he stopped what he was doing and let out a few sweet cries of excitement. The chimpanzee was focusing on a drink. He kept going till he had the strength to give his beloved friend De a bear embrace. He is even more thrilled to see that Tania has also come to see him, and he rushes into her arms to give her a warm embrace.