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Dog Discovers A Comfortable Perch On A Tree And Starts To Climb It

Arlo was approximately a year old when his family rescued him three years ago. He’s a happy boy who still has the enthusiasm of a puppy. He enjoys going on trips with his family, experiencing gorgeous scenery, and living in the great outdoors.

This curious youngster enjoys swimming, long walks, and gorgeous natural landscapes; he is fairly adventurous and frequently gets into mischief; he can do some foolish things on occasion, but all of this amuses his family.

“He spent his first year of existence chained to a doghouse, and now he’s making up for missed puppy time by being the most captivating youngster ever.”


Bryce promises that Arlo is a joyful, clever, active, and fun-loving furry guy who has provided him a lot of joy. The lovely canine’s adopted mother is confident that their attachment is strengthening every day.


She went on to say:

“He marches to the beat of his own drum and is constantly up to some wacky antics.”


While he and his family were having fun exploring the forest, they stumbled upon a tree with a giant hole inside it. As they gazed intently into the hole, Arlo decided he should participate in the fun and leaped into the hole without hesitation.

Bryce recalls:

“We didn’t tell him; he was just curious about what we were witnessing.”


The cheeky dog appeared to be having a good time in the hole, staying inside for a few minutes as his owners took photos before jumping back out.