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Weavers From Around The World Come Together To Help Animals Affected By Fires In Australia

The news of the forest fires raging in Australia is maybe one of the most heartbreaking in recent memory, and it has the entire globe paying close attention to this maritime nation.

Even though there has been significant damage to the wildlife and flora as a result of the ongoing fires, individuals from all over the world are always seeking for methods to assist.

In this instance, people from all across the world have chosen to collaborate in order to weave blankets and bags that keep animals safe.

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The Animal Rescue Craft Guild called on all weavers and craftsmen worldwide to help create as many bags and blankets as they could through social media, which led to the creation of this program.

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After issuing this request, the reaction did not take long to arrive. Hundreds of voices of assistance from artists from various places flooded the magazine.

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The reaction has been overwhelming, and no matter where they are located—in Hong Kong, France, or Germany—they give their solidarity donation to support the animals.

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Although the extent of the fire damage is yet unknown, it can be claimed that the campaign to provide protective gear for bats, koalas, kangaroos, birds, flying foxes, and all other endangered creatures was a complete success.

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The group’s founder, Belinda Orellana, stated:

The response has been fantastic, and the call is growing increasingly wild.