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Rescue Two Little Monkeys In A Sorry State And Live With Them As If They Were Your Children

Argentine rescuer Susana Andrés is a hero who has dedicated her life to helping helpless animals in need. They have been the small creatures who have had the good fortune to encounter this extraordinary woman who has altered her destiny, ranging from dogs, pigs, and horses.

She was informed in March 2019 about the plight of two young monkeys who were in terrible shape. She thus did not think twice to step in and take them to her home.

Susana Andrés

She gradually won their trust and was given responsibility for their care and feeding, acting as though she were their mother. And she changed the environment such that they could feel at home and develop into healthy, happy adults. She made the choice to give them the names Charlotte and Alexander in honor of the renown Caniggia brothers from an Argentine reality program.

Charlotte was two years old and Alexander was around a year and a half. I educated myself and sought advice from different veterinarians on his treatment. In addition, I constructed a two-meter-long by-ninety-meter-wide cage for them and assisted in their rehabilitation, explains Susana.

Susana Andrés

She felt at ease since she understood that due of their endangered status, certain sorts of monkeys cannot procreate while kept in captivity. As a result, she could concentrate on assisting their recovery.

Tit monkeys are animals that live in Central and South America and are not tropical. Although they have a life expectancy of over 14 years and spend the most of their time in the Amazon’s deep rainforest, they are regarded as creatures in risk of going extinct because of the ongoing loss of their habitat.

But then Susana received the biggest surprise of her life. Charlotte became pregnant after receiving love and attention for two months. Susana thinks that because they were at ease and secure, nature took care of itself.

Susana Andrés

He decided to call a Rescue Center that specialized in flora to be transported to a protected region in light of what had transpired and the fact that the huge family was not in his plans and did not have suitable circumstances for everyone.

Susana’s choice was heartbreaking, but it was unquestionably the right one. Amazingly, Susana’s infants started to recognize her as a mother, while her parents, Charlotte and Alexander, became closer to Susana with each passing year and never left her side.

“Despite how much I cared for them, I wanted them to be content. It was the finest, I always knew that. They taught me a lot of things. Alexander assisted Charlotte as she gripped her finger during childbirth.

Susana Andrés

The family of monkeys became not just Susana’s family but also the entire neighborhood, which was the most lovely thing of all. Everyone adored them.

They frequently played on the patio, which is pretty big. They occasionally sat on the roof to observe the neighbors. The neighbors fed them and delighted in them. At Ballester, they were always welcome, the woman reminisces.

Susana Andrés

Finally, after 18 months after Susana’s rescue, Charlotte, Alexander, and the young children had to go on to a better location, leaving Susana heartbroken but certain that it was for the best. The quarantine made the situation much more depressing since she had to accept that she would have to let them go without knowing when she would see them again.

In order for the young monkeys to see her, even on the screen, Susana had the wonderful idea to establish a weekly video conference with the individuals in charge of the sanctuary. Susana described such moments as utterly unique and poignant.

Susana Andrés