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Elephants Destroy An Entire Banana Plantation, Except The One With A Nest Of Little Birds

Animals are recognized for having a variety of protection systems, but this does not imply they do not cooperate with one another; on the contrary, they frequently appear in touching moments that showcase just how perceptive and protective they can be.

This is the tale of a herd of elephants that won over thousands of people’s hearts after a brief video of them destroying an Indian banana crop went viral.

Susanta Nanda

In a Tamil Nadu hamlet, the elephants invaded the area and decimated 300 banana trees, save for one where a bird’s nest was found.

The locals were shocked to witness how the elephants trampled everything in their route, but astonishingly, they stopped when they saw that there were little birds living in one of the trees. The villagers in the agricultural community recounted what they discovered:

We observed that all of the banana plantations in the hamlet had been destroyed by the herd of wild elephants, with the exception of one tree that had little birds perched on it.

Susanta Nanda

The Indian Forest Service employee Susanta Nanda posted the footage on the social media site Twitter. The video’s title reads:

Elephants are known as sentient giants for this reason. All the banana trees save the one with the nests were killed. God’s creation of nature is astounding.

Internet users didn’t take long to respond to one of the most touching pictures they had never seen before; others said that these beasts with large teeth and lengthy trunks are more sensitive than any person on Earth. The following are a few of the more notable comments:

They are real wise people. Such a remarkable being is only killed or injured by a being as evil as a human in exchange for taking his teeth.

Susanta Nanda

“They respect each person’s right to their own place in the environment, but we, the so-called reasonable ones, come along and annihilate everyone. We represent a serious worldwide threat.

Susanta Nanda