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Woman Continues To Feed Animals On The Streets Despite Having Little Money

The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) has made several attempts to eliminate animal cruelty, yet some instances remain unresolved. especially street-abandoned dogs and cats, the most of which pass away from sickness or starvation.

Some are delivered to city kennels, where they will be put to death if not claimed or adopted within a certain period of time.

For these reasons, an animal lover by the name of Maureen Lacida Claro has devoted her time and money to feeding stray dogs and cats.

Facebook/Maureen Lacida Claro

According to a Facebook post Maureen published, you can see her feeding street animals while riding her pedicab.

The message from the animal activist, 43, who has been feeding dogs and cats for the past three years, went viral.

Maureen informed POP:

“I’ve been feeding them for three years now.”

Facebook/Maureen Lacida Claro

“At first, I was only using my own money, but eventually it got so bad that it wasn’t in my budget anymore.”

Maureen decided to share what she is doing for animals on the streets on Facebook in an effort to earn money for her cause.

She received instant assistance from those who heard about the situation when her article went viral, which made Maureen very pleased.

Declared Maureen

“Until people began contributing money for dog food and cat food, I considered putting it on Facebook. In fact, I even saved a few of them. At the Fortress of Hope Shrine, those who were in critical condition are being transferred to a shelter.

Thanks to the contributions, Maureen is now able to go on with her work, and she is thankful for the assistance she has been getting, especially now that the COVID-19 epidemic has made things more challenging.