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Homeless Dog Always Brings A Gift To The Woman Who Feeds Him

Near her home in Thailand, Orawan Kaewla-IAT devotes her time to feeding stray dogs. She assists animals in need, and one of them gives her a prize in return. Every day, one of those stray dogs delivers Orawan a present as a sign of her gratitude.

Orawan recounted a touching story of a puppy named Tua Plu, which means “winged bean” in Indonesian, who visits him every day in search of food for himself and his mother.

Tua Plu always offers a reward in return, unlike most dogs who rapidly “gobble up” the supplied bowls of rice.

Every day, the canine companion brings the woman who feeds it a leaf in its mouth as if they were trading.

On Facebook, Orawan wrote:

He will provide something to eat when he is hungry.

Orwan penned:

“You have to feed Tua Plu and his mother before you feed the other dogs,” the owner explained. “He comes with something in his mouth every day, generally a leaf and sometimes a piece of paper.”

It’s unclear from whence Tua Plu learnt about this kind act, but it wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen dogs present loved ones with gifts.

The dog is seen wearing a collar in the viral video, which has caused some people to question whether they should adopt him. However, Orawan explains that the collar is there to protect the dog from bugs. They frequently endure dog persecution.

The woman has been concerned for the time being since she plans to relocate and she is unsure of who will continue to feed Tua Plu. However, a few individuals have volunteered to adopt the dog.