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Guy Alters His Shop’s Ceiling So That His Cats Can Keep An Eye On Him

Security cameras are common in establishments, but one in New Taipei City, Taiwan, is adopting a unique approach by employing some attentive cats.

The shop owner erected see-through tiles on the ceiling of his business to placate his adoring felines, allowing them to keep a watch on him while he worked. And the end effect was just lovely.


SCMcrocodile, a Twitter user, shared photographs of the store where his buddy sells stamps and other local wares, and they instantly went viral.

“My buddy made modifications to his shop’s attic to accommodate his cats. SCMcrocodile stated on Twitter, “Now he is under continual watch.”


Customers could hear the cats playing through the ceiling after they found a method to travel between the first and second floors, according to Yahoo News.

The new arrangement has benefited both the cats and the clients, with the cats receiving a bird’s-eye view of their father all day and the customers getting to gaze at their fluffy bellies.


When the store owner returns home from work, his three cats had no qualms in letting him know how they really feel. If their father does not follow a strict feeding schedule, the felines will destroy the house.

SCMcrocodile later tweeted, “What happens when the cats aren’t fed on time.”