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A Thirsty Koala Chases Cyclists In Search Of A Drink Of Water

Animals in the region might use all the support they can get as a severe heat wave and wildfires continue to sweep throughout much of Australia.

Rather than waiting for relief, this thirsty koala went out and found it for himself.

Anna Heusler of Adelaide went out for a bike ride with her pals last week when they came across a koala in the road in front of them. After pausing to take a closer look, Heusler realized the animal was in need of assistance.

“As I was descending, [he] stepped straight up to me and hopped up onto my bike,” she wrote.

The koala was in severe need of a drink of water, which Heusler gladly supplied:

The thirsty animal had come to the right place for assistance.

The happy koala was then guided off the roadside to continue safely on his route after having his full from many of the riders’ water bottles.

Despite the fact that koalas are normally timid, this one opted to put his faith in passers-by. While he is undoubtedly appreciative for the assistance he got, Heusler and her riding group are also grateful for being there when he needed it most.

She wrote, “It was honestly the nicest thing they’ve watched.” “Wow, what a fantastic experience.”