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This Horse Said Goodbye To His Best Friend At His Funeral

Sereno, Wagner Figueiredo de Lima’s cherished horse, and him were inseparable. Sadly, though, their time together in this world came to an end due to a tragic accident in Paraba, Brazil. Early this year, 34-year-old Wagner passed away, and his horse bid him farewell.

Everyone who knew him, including his bereaved best friend, his beloved horse, was tragically lost when the man suffered terrible injuries in a car accident close to his home.

Before Wagner was buried, his friends and family came together to say goodbye to him in a funeral procession.

Sereno should be there as well, according to his brother Wando, who knew how much the guy loved his horse, but nobody anticipated what would happen next.

Sereno appeared to comprehend that his friend had passed away as the automobile carrying Wagner’s coffin pulled up to the site. Sereno lowered himself and placed his head into the casket.

According to Kyioshi Abreu, a funeral attendant,

“[Sereno] began to circle the coffin while sniffing it. Finally, he neighed. It was a pretty strong feeling. Everyone in attendance was moved. When I saw that scene, I sobbed.”

As Wando stated to Globo News:

For him, this horse was everything. The horse appeared to be aware of what was happening and wanted to say farewell.