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Scared Dogs Comfort Each Other After Being Abandoned By Their Family

After being abandoned by their family at a school in Corpus Christi, Texas, Shirley and Laverne were upset. Since then, they have been inseparable and offer one other solace. They are meant to be mother and daughter.

After a woman went to the school to feed the homeless animals there, both were discovered in the early days of November. She made the decision to approach the helpless dogs, and they made the decision to flee. Despite this, the lady persisted and spent a month and a half attempting to win the woman’s confidence.

When he had completed his task, he made the decision to dress them up with necklaces and place them in his automobile.

One of the lifeguards who assisted Shirley and Laverne, Leslie Ysuhuaylas, told The Dodo:

“They made an attempt to flee and were terrified by what was occurring. When the brown child was taken up, she became more frightened. The brindle was more serene.

Mother and daughter were both moved to a Texas foster home. The directors of Feeling Fine Rescue in South Florida, Tracey and Micaela Godin, then made the decision to accept them into their facility.

said Micaela Godin:

“It’s difficult to understand how they managed to endure such hardships and live alone for such a long time. It’s obvious that it had a significant influence on her physical health, mental health, and general well-being.”

The lengthy journey from Texas to Florida and the entire circumstance caused the dogs a lot of worry and bewilderment. The only thing that sustained them at that period was their unbreakable bond and constant ability to console one another.

said Micaela Godin:

“Given that they apparently have no idea where they are headed, it may be both frightening and bewildering. They were grateful to be together, to be able to rely on one other, and I believe they soothed each other during those difficult times.”

In January, Shirley and Laverne landed in Florida.

said Tracey Godin:

“Their eyes brightened up when they saw the rescue facility… and the backyard. They rolled in the grass as they rushed across the yard. They are becoming a little bit more self-assured each day. Their heads are moving upward.

The strong relationship that keeps them together is the single thing that has not altered for them.