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Seagull Steals A Hungry Man’s Hamburger And He Bites Her Severely Hurting Her

A guy in the UK surprised everyone with what he did to an innocent bird that had stolen his meal. It is true that when we have a delicious dish in front of us that we adore, we do not like someone to take from it, and much less so without our consent.

On July 9, a 26-year-old resident of Plymouth, England, was enjoying a meal at a McDonald’s when a passing seagull abruptly stole his food.

The subject became so enraged that he lost control of reality and bit the victim before grabbing the helpless bird by the wings and throwing it to the ground in front of the shocked onlookers. Nobody could fathom the cause of his increasingly aggressive conduct.

A Plymouth Police spokeswoman informed Digital Media that “he bit the bird before knocking it to the ground.”

Fortunately, there were some Charles Cross police officers nearby, and they sprung into action to halt the man’s enraged and vicious attack. The guests were concerned about the condition in which the damaged animal would have been left after what had transpired.

“A guy who attacked and hurt a bird in the middle of the city was detained. The Country and Wildlife Act of 1981 protects gulls. Before we could check on the bird’s wellbeing, it took off.

At the time of his arrest, the suspect admitted to law enforcement officials that he had been using psychotropic drugs and had not fully realized the severity of the violent deeds he had perpetrated.

The individual disclosed that he was under the influence of narcotics, thus it was decided to transport him to Derriford Hospital for treatment.

The police officers decided to transport him right away to a hospital to be examined for any wounds or infections, and he would also go through a thorough psychiatric examination before receiving the appropriate care.

The case is being examined by the appropriate authorities, and if proven guilty, he may face a jail sentence of up to six months or, in the alternative, a fine of roughly $6,600.

We worry that many people who appear to be acting “normally” while actually being ticking time bombs for everyone around them stroll along the street without realizing that they may blow up at any second under the least strain.