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A Brave Dog Stops A Moving Vehicle To Call For Help For Her Mother Who Had A Seizure

The courageous deed of their dog, who stopped a car to save her human mother, who had experienced a medical emergency while out on a walk, will live in infamy for a Canadian family.

Haley Moore, an Ottawa, Canada, citizen who lives in Stittsville, was strolling her dog, Clover, when she abruptly suffered a seizure and fainted. CTV News reports that on March 16, as the woman was out for a morning stroll with her dog, she suddenly fell.

“The only thing I can recall is being quite disoriented when I awoke in the ambulance.”

Image | CTVNews

Luckily, Clover, her one and a half year old puppy, knew how to handle it and her protective instinct helped her make the right choices.

Even though what occurred may seem unbelievable, a neighbor’s surveillance camera captures Clover in action and her selfless deed in front of the globe.

Image | CTVNews

Haley collapses on the side of the road, and Clover starts to check on her while everything is caught on camera. Clover decided that she should assist her owner after looking at her and saw a car pass past her.

In order to obstruct the route of an approaching truck, Clover chooses to stroll to the center of the road after releasing her leash from Haley’s hold.

Image | CTVNews

Dryden Oatway, the driver, was obliged to swiftly halt by this unsafe move so he could see what was happening to Haley.

Added Dryden:

“Really, that was astounding. He actually stood in my path. She blocked my truck by backing into the road.”

To assist Haley, the 21-year-old hurriedly exited his car, although he was constantly under Clover’s supervision.

Image | CTVNews

Even though Dryden was assisting, Clover was always aware of everything that was occurring with her mother.

Added Dryden

He maintained a safe distance while checking on his owner, which was fantastic.

Dryden insisted on knocking on a neighbor’s door for assistance while Clover watched over Haley, then he came back to take care of her.

Clover made the choice to draw the attention of another neighbor, Danielle Pilon, who jumped out of her car and hurried over to provide assistance.

Danielle remarked:

“I stopped the Jeep right away, got out, and asked Dryden if he was okay. He said, “I don’t know, he passed out.

Clover made the decision to seek out further assistance when Danielle arrived since it appeared that she needed to go home and alert her family.

Image | CTVNews