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Dog’s Perfect ‘Mop’ Costume Just Won Halloween

Sure, there are plenty of charming and creative costumes for pets to wear in honor of Halloween (if they’re up for it, that is). It’s one thing to put on a costume, but it’s quite another to truly embody the outfit.

Just ask Keki, or “Mop Dog,” an adorable puppy.


At last Sunday’s MainStrasse Paw-Rade in Covington, Kentucky, the charming puli, a Hungarian cattle dog famed for its long, curly curls, stood out among the dressed dogs. Although there wasn’t a competition, she “cleaned up” in the praising area.

Darth, a Twitter user, remarked, “This is the coolest thing in the world right now.”

Her “Mop Dog” costume’s finest feature is the ease with which she was able to parade it about.

Keki got to sit back and relax, prodded along by her owner, while hundreds of her newly-adoring followers went by, rather than waddle around in some more burdensome costume (I’m looking at you, “Hot Dog Dachshund”).

A person close to Keki told The Dodo, “[She] adored the attention and caressing she received.”

Someone on Twitter even wrote a poem inspired by Keki’s costume.