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4-Year-Old Boy Went Alone Into The Woods And Came Back With A Baby Deer With Which He Became Friends!

The Internet is enamored with a four-year-old child who met a newborn deer while playing outside. Stephanie Brown was taken aback when her son Dominic showed up on their doorstep with the dog. The family was vacationing in Massanutten Resort, Virginia, when the small child walked off to play and returned with his new friend in tow, according to Fox 40.

Brown’s family claimed they were about to return home to Virginia’s Northern Neck after a quick break near Shenandoah National Park when Dominic discovered the find in the bush.

Credit: Stephanie Orrantia

Stephanie Brown, the child’s mother, says she was taken aback when she saw her kid on the front porch with his new furry buddy on Tuesday morning.

“I couldn’t tell you because I was in shock.” ‘No way,’ I thought. Brown stated on Wednesday, “My mind is playing tricks with me.”

Stephanie claims she was getting items out of the fridge on Tuesday when she heard footsteps. She turned around to find her kid contentedly standing next to a newborn deer who appeared completely at ease in his presence, which she had not expected to witness.

“I saw him and the baby deer standing close to each other, almost about to enter the house! I couldn’t believe it! I absolutely froze for a second because I had no idea what to do!” WBTV quoted her as saying.

“I was like, ‘OK, he’s about to go in,’ so I turn around and there it is.” It’s like he’s a baby deer with him. It wasn’t like it was something out of the ordinary for him. “It was pretty strange,” she said, according to Fox 40.

Stephanie hurriedly went away to fetch her phone and snap a photo of the two of them, which she subsequently published on Facebook.

The photograph has gone popular on social media, with over 28,000 likes and thousands of comments from people swooning over the two.

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Credit: Stephanie Orrantia

Dominic was not acting out of the norm, according to Brown. When she asked where her kid had discovered the deer, he stated it was alone and that he was going to feed it some cereal.