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On His Walks, the Loving Corgi Gives Hugs to Every Dog He Sees

Wallace, a one-year-old corgi dog, likes following balls, chasing squirrels, and hugging the dogs he sees on walks with his family.

When another dog crosses his path on the tours that the small one normally takes, he must stop to socialize. Wallace values greetings and will not let the opportunity pass without giving a hearty hug.

Wallace’s brother, Noah Raminick, tells The Dodo:

“It is the purest kind of love. He is usually glad to be in the company of people and other animals. He enjoys kissing humans on the cheeks, and when he meets another dog, he is the one who starts and play games.”

Every dog he meets gets a cuddle from this adoring corgi.


Wallace appears unafraid, holding onto his two hind legs to deliver his embraces, regardless of the size of the other dogs. Daisy, the corgi’s greatest buddy, is a Great Dane, and her size has never stopped her from showing affection.

Noah explains:

“Whenever they see one other, they always hug. One of its legs is the same weight as Wallace’s entire body.


When the other dogs are tiny, the corgi is a lot more sensitive, and he tries not to scare them. Wallace will not give his hugs until he is confident that everything is in line.

Noah goes on to say:

“What I like about his hugs is that he wasn’t taught how to perform them. I believe it boils down to him being delighted to play with another dog.


Wallace is a kind youngster who likes showering his human family with affection. They are happy with their pet and how expressive it is; the corgi is always spreading affection.

Noah explains:

“Morning and evening cuddles, playing fetch, and me chasing him around the house are some of his favorite things. “I don’t believe Wallace disapproves of them.”